Free Calendar 2015 New Year Vector

Welcome 2015 and goodbye to 2014!... soon we have to celebrate a new year of 2015. Grab this vector and do it in many ways that you want. Print or modify to create your own version of calendar 2015.

1. Calendar 2015 New Year Vector


2. Calendar 2015 Wood Spots Vector


3. Calendar 2015 Sheep Goat Vector


4. Calendar 2015 Tear Vector


5. Calendar 2015 Hipster Sticker Vector


6. Calendar 2015 Color 3D Vector


7. Calendar 2015 Fresh Coffee Vector


8. Polygon Calendar 2015 Vector


9. Calendar 2015 Notes Vector


10. Calendar 2015 Round Stickers Vector


Enjoy and have fun!
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Best 5 Responsive Design Testing Tools

If you developed a responsive website design or blog template, make sure you go to this tools because you don't need the real tools such as smartphone or tablet in front of you every time to testing your website. These are the best tools to test how your website design look in responsive way. Some of them offers the different size of resolutions, so you have to choose what the best for you.


See how your site design looks on different devices -- including mobile phone, tablet, and different web browser window sizes.


The best responsive design testing to create website template.

Responsive Design Testing - Matt Kersley

Responsive design testing for the masses by Matt Kersley

Responsive Web Design Test Tool - Designmodo

Free Responsive Web Design Testing Tool - ViewPorter. Test your responsive website design while you build them.


Test your website on any screen size including desktops, tablets, televisions, and mobile phones.

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Best Online HTML Editor

Learning HTML is not hard, there are many tutorial provided by someone or blog around the web. You can build very simple static website with just using Notepad on Windows if you know the structure of HTML. However online HTML editor give some advantage to all of us as in term of you can the result live as long as you type the code. You can play with try and error code so you know exactly what you doing.

Here i listed some best online HTML editor for you try.

Online HTML Editor

Online HTML Editor offers you the real time with preview as you start write the code.

Real Time HTML Editor

The results of HTML typed in the top frame immediately appear in the bottom frame.

Here you can find a free online WYSIWYG Editor! With that free Online HTML Editor you can edit any HTML content directly online.

PlugNEdit Free Website Builder

HTML 5 web page builder

HTML Instant

HTML Editor, CSS Editor, Visual Editor, in real-time. Get instant results as you type.

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Best 5 Online Video Tutorial and Training

Online video training is a great tools to learn a new things in an easy way. Whether you are in home, office or any place, you can learn something as long as you have the internet connection. These video course is suitable for beginner, intermediate or advanced in business, marketing or IT field. Some of them are free but you are invited to become premium subscriber to access all the tutorial you want. offers video tutorial to learn software, creative, and business skills to achieve your personal and professional goals.


Pluralsight provide the hardcore developer and IT Training for someone who want to upgrade their IT skills.

CBT Nuggets

CBT Nuggets is a great, convenient resource for sharpening your IT skills. Not only convenient, but done in such a way that keeps you engaged in the topic.


Udemy is the world's largest destination for online courses. Discover an online course on and start learning a new skill today. provides the latest Apple Tutorials, Adobe Tutorials, Autodesk Tutorials, Cakewalk Tutorials, CompTIA Tutorials, Corel Tutorials, Dreamweaver Tutorials and more.

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Best Showcase and Exampes of Flat UI Design

Flat website design is brilliant concept when colors and ui comes together as one UI. Take your time to see a showcase and examples of flat website around the web and how much these flat website concept can inspire you for your next project. Almost any type of website category that flat design can bring joy and satisfy to readers in terms of colors rather than design itself, illustration, icon, typography and others element.


The awards for design, creativity and innovation on the internet.

Flat UI Design

The best examples of web design using the flat ui style.

Flat Inspire

Curated gallery and showcase of the best websites rocking a Flat Design/UI style.

Flat Design Gallery

Blog & gallery of some of the finest collection of websites designed using the flat style.

One Page Love

Browse flat design one page websites

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Best Flat UI Colors for Web Developer

Are you one of the web developer trying to learn on how to color your flat web UI? Here's i found the best flat ui color resources for your next project.

Flat UI Colors

The most popular and standard collection of flat ui color.

Flat UI Color Picker

Almost complete flat ui colors in swatches. Just pick one!.

Metro UI Colors

I can consider this is Microsoft flat ui style color.

Flat UI Colors Autumn Edition

23 color schemes as an inspiration or starting point for your Flat-UI design.

Flat UI Colors

This quite similar to the first one. Maybe it's mirror. You can copy directly it's Hex value.

What are you waiting for. Start your project now!
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20 Things You'll Learned About Browsers and The Web

Such a beautiful presentation of "20 Things I Learned About Browsers and The Web". These presentation show you how the world wide web has evolved into what we know today and you might curious about the basics of browser and the web. Just read the book below or go to

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The most popular mobile development platforms

The two big players, as expected, are Android and iOS - but it may not be long before HTM5 apps make a real impact.

These figures come as no great  surprise, but HTML5 stat is rather interesting. HTML5 apps are competing strongly with iOS, but the HTML figure is split into two areas. 37 per cent relates to HTML5 as the key development platforms. The remaining 15 per cent consists of hybrid apps and HTML5 translated to native code with services like PhoneGap.

The figures highlight the popularity of developing with HTML5, but also reveal that developers are struggling to find a place to sell their apps.

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